What each faction lack

Using the new sorter I found what each faction lack (also arranged from fewest to faction with most heroes)

  1. Mercenary - Energy Frontline
  2. Watch - Mech Midline
  3. Rangers - Energy or Mech Frontline
  4. KLG Black Ops - Frontline Bio
  5. Patriots - Mech Rearline
  6. Shoremen - Energy Midline
  7. KLG Irregulars - Bio Rearline
  8. UAF - Bio Midline
  9. UAF Airborne - Bio Frontline
  10. Morlocks - Mech Rearline

Would be great to see if the next new heroes would be able fill them up.

If you don’t find a faction here, it means they are well diversed.


Ha, People guards r perfect :blue_heart:

I personally think that if a faction has at least one hero of every element and then at least one hero of every class (ie: tank, medic, damage etc.) Then they are balanced. But that’s just me.

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