Inactive private chats/players

Good morning, just putting this out there, could we get a close/remove private chat button or prompt command: /close. I have a few chats that are 4 to 6 weeks old from last entry in and would like to clean up my private chat list, or could we know for how long a chat remains before disappearing.

Also a day offline count on friend list so i know wich one i should remove XD

Thank you


My chat histories don’t last more than a day and sometimes disappear right when I switch to a different chat.

I usually look at their alliance list to see how long they’ve been inactive.

Right didnt think of checking alliances, might aswell remove people who are without an alliance too

Hey @Rollyhead,

Thanks for the feedback!

Displaying Last Online for Friends is definitely something we’ll look into adding. Keeping a healthy Friends List is important :slight_smile:

Manually pruning your Private Chat channel is a little more complicated but we’ll investigate this as well. We initially thought having to close channels on your own would be annoying but it seems like there’s some demand for that level of control.



At first glance I think the automatic system is okay, but if manually closing chats would improve performance and mitigate the chat server resource issue I’m having then I think a lot of power users would go for it.

This would have the added benefit of improving overall chat performance and reduce issues with resources.

I am sure the automatic closing of chat works, but i would like my 6 week inactive chat to auto/manually close itself XD

I’ll talk to the team about at least adding a timer for automatic closing after a few days of inactivity and what kind of performance improvements a manual system might yield :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback guys!

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Hey @Rollyhead @Jansen,

Turns out private chats are supposed to automatically remove themselves from your list after a set amount of time (days). Since we’re going to fix this, we wanted to re-evaluate what that time is. You guys use the chats a lot, what are your thoughts on chats automatically removing themselves after 2 or 3 days of inactivity? Too short? Too long?

For me i’d say 3 days would sound good

Thanks @Rollyhead, the team agrees as well. We’ll be fixing the bug and setting the expire time to 3 days. Manually closing is something we’ll continue to look into adding in the future.


This is three days after the message is read? Or after it’s sent?

Hey guys,

Apologies for the long follow-up on this. Obviously we’ve been pretty busy :slight_smile:

Long story short, we’re going to set the private chat expiry time to 2 weeks in the February Update. The reason for this is that our chat servers don’t currently have the capability to distinguish if a message was read or not so that expiry time on the chat needs to be regardless of if you actually saw the message or not.

There’s a lot of improvements we can make here, and manually closing chats would be one of them, but we need to set aside some time for that first. Definitely keep coming to us with feedback about Private Chats so we can make this system as good as possible!

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