Problem free box

i’m not able to claim my free boxes is giving error anymore anyone goes through this ???

I get it sometimes. I close the game and reopen it fixes it. Hopes yours got fixed

besides not coming back I did not take my crate because it disappeared as if I had taken …

Make sure to send in a support ticket with as much information as possible so they can help you out with this :slight_smile:

I have a second saved account on facebook and I am unable to restore saved account only appears the saved in gamecenter the facebook does not appear any help?

i use an iphone account saved in gamecenter and the other one saves on facebook on an android phone this android wanted to use together on iphone doesn’t even appear i add my facebook on iphone more on android appears

I’m not sure if you read what LordNikon said, but make sure you read our replies very, very carefully! He told you exactly what to do.