Problem on baston boulevard

Hello everyone !! I would like to know if I am the only one to encounter this problem in PvP more precisely on the boulevard de la baston … currently, 4cep the only dps capable of supporting a team has more than 110k !! it is logical back except that when the opponent opposite enters the tunnel it is completely impossible to reach it with the dps I find it problematic !! find a screenshot to try to better understand


I see, there is a lot going on around the new maps lately, please report this to support to, it will get looked after and fixed faster than making a post

The new maps could use some refinement. You can’t hit targets on Boulevard, Courtyard spawns you looking to the side rather than facing the enemy which is super confusing, the train is very hard to hit targets at the opposite end, etc.

They remind me of the Gauntlet map 4-3 where you can only hit 1 or 2 enemies per spot and have to move, and even then some are blocked in certain spots. This map is by far the worst imo.

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I’d rather take them as hard & challenging maps.
So we have to think hard what team to bring, in case system spawns those maps.
So, at least 1 sniper type is MUST to bring, imo.

And imagine if legendary sandbaggers of 2heroes team spawn this map. I doubted they could win easily.

Except the maps are assigned randomly so who knows if you would get them or not. They would have to make a separate map/mode selection for them.

No. Still better in random,imo