No love for Prophet?

In the current fragment event his frags are only worth 5? That includes the upcoming solo PvP event as well. I just figured the 7 star hero I just unlocked would be worth more than Mandrake.

Probably so they don’t give too big of advantage to people who have him unlocked vs others who don’t yet

Since this was the “one of the biggest updates”, I was waiting for at least a chest with at least a 5 % posibility to unlock Prophet.

Instead we’ve got thos shitty expensives chests.

Why did you expect that? They never said anything about such a crate. It’s like I’m expecting pizza slices in May update.

Once they had a special offer to buy Prophet. He’s not very good but looks cool. Sentry is better and IMO also looks cooler.

I can’t understand what drives you to complain about everything, in all threads. Is Hero Hunters your life? If so I understand. If not, kick back and do something you enjoy. This bitterness can drive you mad lil boi.


Ya, I am not really sure why you were expecting a crate with a higher Prophet drop chance. A “bigger update” in no way translates to higher chances to get rare heroes. It means more content and changes.

Furthermore, Artemis didn’t have any sort of increase in drop last month and she was part of the Watch faction. If she didn’t, why would you expect Prophet to?

I think that Prophet should have more bounses for bounty & other events as a 7* hero

No, he’s so rare and very few players have him. They would have cried very loud if they gave the Prophet-owners this advantage.

I mean technically, he does get bonuses for Ranger+Mercs month.

They gave artemis a 2percent chance rate in watch crate. Deff not 5 percent but they did increase her drop by 1.84 percent for a few days and for an additional 100 gold

More realistically to get prophet is to buy his frags every time u see him in the alliance’’ also have a better chance pulling the standard 300 crate than the tiered elemental crates imo. The first few crates are limited to 1-3 stars and just wastes your gold. You could probably have 2 more tries in the standard 300 crate if you were to spend the same amount up till the 4th or 5th tier.

I’m sure they’ll have a bounty/crate with better odds