"Purchase Incomplete" Error

I keep getting the following error when trying to make a purchase (gold):

          **Purchase Incomplete**

You need to go online to make purchases

I checked the wireless, did some PvP, browsed the web, but I keep getting this error when trying to get some gold. Any ideas? It seems to be random, as this is about the 4th occasion since the last updated I started getting it.

Phone Information:
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Android Version 7.0

Also, I have tried killing the app and reopening, as well as a full power cycle (Restart and shutdown and power on) of my phone.

IDK about this case but when I had a purchase failing in another game I refunded it via my Google account > Payments or something. It was a bit of a hustle to find it but once I did found it all it took was one click and bam - payment refunded. So better try that before the time limit for requesting a refund has expired, and contact customer service from within the game also!

Thanks for the quick reply. It’s not that I am making a purchase and the item is not delivered, it is more of the buy button is there, but the price is missing (On the HH screen, not the google pop up). When I click it, instead of popping up the google window to confirm I get the before mentioned error from HH.

Just trying to support a game I thoroughly enjoy.

Next update, the pricing will show in the HH market, but when I click the gold level I wish to purchase, the game freezes but the spark graphic on my VIP level continues to move.

Ok, finnaly got the payment to go through, but no gold. Is there someone I can send the receipt to to get it added to my account?

I would suggest customer support again. :slight_smile:

LOL, in true troubleshooting fashion, as soon as I start typing up some e-mails the app got its stuff together and processed. Issue resolved (as far as the order being processed). Still no clue what is causing the Purchase Incomplete error as I could still run everything else the game needs connection for.

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