Is anyone else having issues with gold disappearing from their account?

Is anyone else having gold disappear from their accounts?

My GOLD isn’t disappearing but I mistakenly spent 1,490 on PVP Gems doubler that I really didnt need all because I was cleaning my screen and it purchased without evening confirming if I wanted it or not. I enjoy playing PVP so I have no need for doublers because I do very well but I didnt even bother to contact support because I doubt they’ll even reimburse with half. I was actually saving my GOLD for crates but I guess I’ll have to start over smh

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There is no conformation they need to add one to avoid Situations like these

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When you tap on any item in the game, you’re given a description of it, and then the option to purchase it, making it a two-step process and enabling you to avoid an accident unless you’re rapidly tapping or cleaning the screen with your phone awake.

Are you asking for a third layer confirmation button?

I’m not referring to purchasing items with gold. I’m referring to GOLD GOING MISSING WITH NO PURCHASES BEING MADE AT ALL. Hence, say, leaving the game and returning to find your number of gold has went down. How can I accidentally make a purchase if I wasn’t even on the game.

The only way that’s possible is if somebody else has access to your account. The game doesn’t hemorrhage currency or items, at any time, for any reason.

Not when it comes to the gold crate. If you hit it you’re out of luck


As I suggested in some other thread, having the option to lock gold purchases behind a PIN code would prevent both mistake purchases as well as unauthorised ones. The latter in the case of someone else fiddling with your phone or account being compromised otherwise.


My guess is someone else is on your account somehow, this can happen if someone is logged into your facebook and can sync their game, but it is hard to tell as this is the second post about this issue recently, could be a new bug or could be someone on your account or could just be you buying something without realising. Happens to the best of us


I love the way you put and I guess the meaning of it. Quality :+1:

If your account is logged into another device it you will get a message saying “you have been desynchronized from the sever”

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Whilst this is true, the message does not always pop up if a long enough time has occurred between logging in on different devices. If someone logs in and then OP doesn’t connect for say a few hours then it may not show the message, if you have multiple accounts easiest way is to check if the “last logged in” number is accurate to when you last logged in

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: didn’t know I was making a scene just sharing my thoughts on THINGS that happen in the game, you know like CRASHES.

r/woooosh moment, he’s mocking how the Devs respond sometimes.

Crazy he’s got it down packed lol

You do have to tap on the Gold Crate to get to the screen where the purchase options are available. That’s your two step.

Are you asking for a third layer of security?

Even with that thinking if you claim your free gold chest afterwards there no way to stop it if you accidentally click it. Not sure how hard it would be to add a are you sure button

Sure, if you’re already in the screen, you’ve passed that point. I can understand that.

Are you guys randomly tapping around the screen, putting your phone in your pocket, having a kid touch the screen, or just pressing the wrong area? I’m trying to understand the usage pattern that would “force” an accidental purchase so I can think about the complaint based on cause, rather than symptom.

It has happened was trying to close the app and accidentally hit the buy 10 gold crates and as they were openning it closed after like pulling 2 items and have no idea what the rest was

The good news is that if you close the app, you still get all 10 prizes. Support can tell you exactly what you got if you ask nicely.