Purchase target permanently

Hello, the hunting system is good but , more target , it must constantly buy and it becomes very expensive

What is your alliance rank?
Because no one in my alliance did buy new targets.

Rang 18, We never have a target

We are 19th and are having the same problem. This is unfair.

Same here. And we were spammed with Bio bountys. Had 15+ for a while, because most of the spawns were Bio.

Same for us, It’s really painful

Did you try contacting HHG?

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I emailed them and idk what’s going to be the outcome if I have to start all over I’m not even playing anymore :man_shrugging:t5:

Hoping for the best! Somewhere in their servers I bet they’ll find your account.

Back to topic - Did anyone feel like they had not only a ton of bios, but specifically a lot of Fisher? I remember logging in a few times finding a fish army to fend off. Its really annoying since hes always playing peek-a-boo. I dont know if his spawn rate is higher, but that also feels unfair.

As a side note: I just want to say that I actually find this bounty to be done really well in terms of keeping the old style everyone liked melded with the new. It really feels good, but these few items are just the final issues imo. Mainly the overly heavy need to spawn extra.

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Yes a lot of Fischer

I think that if you drop into many alliances during bounty, you might be seeing more Fischer because people avoid them so there are more left. He’s an annoying bounty, although personally I love killing him because it’s like taking out the trash. I’m not sure if more are actually spawning…?

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This could be true especially considering how quickly bounties got cleared otherwise this time. However, Mandrake is also annoying and many people (at least in my alliance) tend to avoid fighting him as well. I saw way less of him. Just seemed suspicious is all. It could just be my overall dislike of fisher.

We finished 25th, and many of our big guns purchased targets constantly. I know most of the officers for sure spent millions. It’s part of the game. The sad part is how full of bio targets the board was. But there’s always an element that we get flooded with. When the promoted hero is rad, we get mech, when it’s mech, we get bio etc. it seems to be the solution to knock down the bonus a bit. They can’t have your board filling up with rad targets when mechs are getting huge bonuses. Can you imagine if your board had been full of phalanx and fortress and Pris, with everyone having 10* Dog? Scores woulda been through the roof while people reset after reset and giggled all the while.