Bounty spawn types

I don’t know if I’m to soon to say this, but it feels like it’s a lot better, not endless lists of mech hero’s anymore.

How is the rest feeling about this?

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agree. Amazing and beautiful bounty. I love it.

I know 3 pic max, but I needed to show some spawns.

@Gentjan1987 , you just show a picture where nobody finishes mechs…

Known issue To many Mech bountys?!

Kraterios wanted to show that it is not an issue anymore.

It looks a lot better, problem right now is that we have 1 bio bonus hero, and no mechs to assist the mech bounties.

So it’s not weird it’s stacking mechs like crazy right now

You are right I just got drawn in by Gentjan’s pictures. I agree that the balance seems better.

@Gentjan1987 That looks like a problem caused by your alliance, not the game. If your members aren’t killing any mechs, then they stack up. The feature hero is bio even… Tell your alliance to quit being lazy and only using the energy patriots.

Is getting better. Maybe was just the beginning of the bounty till was sorted let say. Now is more mix. Can say a bit short on bio but coz of the hero events all energy (apart from kobold) the biochems goes quick. But so far I can say is sorted.

I dunno if it’s laziness. I used to get really discouraged when I’d hit for 4m-7m or less with non-event heroes. But the first time I cleared 2b it was partly because I hit a lot of times for 5m or less. Maybe people aren’t using their whole rosters because it doesn’t feel worth it.

Uh…and if you’re not in my alliance, you’re right! Little hits totally don’t add up! Keep doing what you’re doing!