Pvp after lvl 60 should be by power not lvl

So once you hit lvl 60 the idea that you can score these ridiculous scores for everyone sitting at lvl 60 is dumb, after level 60 pvp should be broken down into power rankings to even things out, me sitting at 131k vs another lvl 60 at say 250k just isn’t even fair I will not have a chance to rank up high enough to get any good rewards

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Wise words from a wise man :grinning:

lmao, forgot skill points and top 5 players can’t face a top 5 player with more power… Why do you want instantly be as powerful as top players… You act like you can’t build up to top players power… Look at the time it takes about 80 days to get to 250 team power… It is a process to understand every event and campaign… Otherwise the game would be boring and easy…

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