PVP is straight up bad and needs a rework

With so many events and rewards locked behind PVP you would think it would be at least functional. Nope. PVP in this game is straight up atrocious.

  1. God awful matchmaking system. Wtf am I doing vsing people 800 - 2000 power level below me? Why am I facing someone 4000 power level above me? It seems almost random and is seriously a stupid calculation for a game that depends solely on damage with basically 0 skill involved.

  2. Bad power calculation. You can simply get a strong attack hero and skip all his useless abilities and be around 1000 - 1500 power “lower” then where you should be. I.e. skip Mandrakes useless 1, and focus on 3.

  3. Horrible servers. Disconnection. Disconnection. Attempting to reconnect to servers. Lag. Need I say more?

This game is honestly really fun but with PVP being a big aspect of progression but functioning so horribly really hurts the score.


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