New PvP Ranking System

So I have a question where the ranking of players should be based on the power level rather then team level because if you look at the leaderboards it is filled with people that have over 300k power level or above and I think its unfair to people that have no 10* heroes. Because in retrospect I could take 20 matches with an average 25k team and get 100k in four matches persay, whereas someone with a team of 10* stars can get 100k per match, so it doesn’t matter how much time I can put in, it matters who has the highest team level persay.
The rankings would go like this
0-15k Power level For rookies and beginners
15k-50k for intermediate players
50k-100k for more experienced players
100k-200k for active players
200k-350k for players that played for a bit or spent money
350k-Above Will be changed after peoples power levels start being the same**
Thanks For your time If you read this :slight_smile:


My English is not that good, but I’ll try it anyway. I also think it should go to team strength and not to team level. I have made a photo here where you can clearly see that the team level does not matter. Which of them has the best chances to play at the top?

My personal ranking would be in 100k steps

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