Why Bother Getting to Level 60

Now that I’m at level 60, I wish I was back to 59. Trying to get these rewards is ridiculous. 5 mil just for the first reward was a slap in the face and now this 1 mil in 24 hours using ONLY 3 heros…


Agreed, every event play pvp less and less and if the power calculation system isn’t fixed soon I’ll probably stop playing all together. I love this game but with non realistic pvp goals and being open pvp matching its extremely frustrating…


Let’s keep this on 1 post and don’t start discussing this stuff on multiple posts!


Hahaha I dunno how that devs calculates these stuff, but it seems like all the math in the game, from power calculation system to the rewards tiers requirements, are all off.

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What rewards?
What happens when you reach level 60?

We can only assume that the level cap will be raised eventually once more people start to max out their level.

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