PvP and CC skills

Regarding PvP, does it make sense to upgrade a “crowd control” skill.
The damage you gain is very small and all you gain is higher power which gives you harder opponents.

And regarding crowd control skills. Does they have diminishing returns? (Last shorter the more often a hero uses them in a pvp battle)

Hey Theicon,

I think it dependss. Power gained from skills is marginal and some of them deal elemental damage, whis is affected by your stats. In most cases, you want to be able do deal the most damage possible in case you need to secure a kill and many skills are “aim bot” whuch means they will always guarantee a hit

But if you shall choose to upgrade a dps-skill or a cc-skill, I would always choose the dps one.

An idea could be, to give the cc skills a “failure risk” depending on the skill level vs. the hero’s level.

Regarding crowd control. Do you guys prefer a cc hero in your pvp lineup, and if so, who do you see as the best cc hero (gold and non gold)

Savage does solid damage while providing CC in his bronze skill. Its quite good for damage as well as tying down the enemy. That said its still CC so it will pan off in effectiveness the higher you climb in pvp.

I can’t imagine a world without crowd control. I’m still quite new to HH but taking history into account, a dps is only a dps for as long as it can actually perform without being stunned or disoriented etc.

If you can impair one or two heroes’ ability to get the proper damage through, it might just help keep a hero alive(for example giving a heal ability enough time to recharge to actually save a hero) and as a result net you a kill in turn.

I don’t really have a static line up just yet but the heroes with cc capabilities along with single target control heroes I like to use so far are:

(I’m adding Mauler to the list but I’m not exactly sure as I haven’t read up on the fella yet)
…and I’m still deciding whether or not to invest into Surge.

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Pvp changes tremendously once you start getting gold heros, not because of active skills but some heroes passives are just that much stronger than others. This may be a little different from what others may say, but I think the ability to stagger other heroes is one of the strongest CC effects in the game. If you are able to catch the enemy in a reload or channeling an ability, staggering them stops them and resets the animation, sometimes even wasting the ability you cancelled. Having a 3-4 second reload be restarted quickly adds up, not to mention losing an ability in a mode where you most likely will only be able to cast it once can lose you to the game. These abilities are generally stronger in damage and have lower cool-downs compared to normal CC such as a stun or root. Heroes with strong stagger abilities in my opinion:

Gammond’s silver ability: probably the most efficient and strongest non-elemental damaging ability in the game. Can hit multiple people at once (which reduces its cooldown tremendously) and interrupts any reload or ability being channeled. High damage and only gets better with gold unlocked.

Hideo’s bronze ability: An amazing pve ability at early levels, still pretty strong in pvp when used correctly. It’s a guaranteed stagger on every enemy, if you time it right you could potentially cancel more then one ability channel and reset the reload of anyone who was. Could have devastating effects that could secure you a win.

Sentry’s gold passive: A strong sentry is very deadly. His gold passive really is what makes him viable at later ranks while some people dismiss him because of his lack of power at early levels. This passive turns him from a more damage minded hero to a pretty decent utility one. With a high chance for a stagger to occur on each shot, you have the chance to chain them and prevent a hero from doing anything for maybe 7-10 seconds if you are lucky. Not to mention the flat buff to his damage he gets from it, he can also be viable to attack against his weaker elemental match up.

Keel’s gold passive: Keels’s passive doesn’t explicitly stagger enemies, but basically heals you when you do. Any hero can stagger another by simply breaking the walls the enemy is hiding behind. Keel abuses this by healing anytime cover is destroyed. Good team comps can really take advantage of her instant heal effect as it does not require a cast time, and you don’t have to use keel to trigger it. Every match you are breaking cover to get to an enemy, why not get healed for the efforts?

These are just a few strong ones in my opinion, and there is also some very strong stun and root heroes out there as well, I just see the stagger effect as the most frustrating thing to play against but also the most useful one to utilize.



Pretty good read and thanks for the heads-up with PvP on higher tiers.

I agree with the comment on staggering. I have been in multiple situations where I’d use Dog for example, the enemy would stagger me and in a few short seconds Dog would succumb to focus fire.

From your thoughts regarding passives would you suggest mainly looking at a hero’s passive ability as a priority point when wondering if investment into that hero is a good idea?

My tip for pvp…do not make the mistake to skill useless skills, like stuns or silences, cause the damage done by them is marginal, the duration of the Effekt doesn’t scale with skillpoints so the only thing you Will get for skilling those useless skills are …harder enemies! You gonna hate this game and your decision to level the skills of your heroes, when you meet teams with the same heroes as yours, two stars better but less rating-points…do NOT skill anything, till this problem is fixed, IT WILL JUST BE WASTED CASH!

I would say yea, and no. The devs want people to look at team compositions as a whole rather then then the raw power of your team. As the game progresses, people will find combos that work well together (such as baron and keel) and skills that can be used in a unique way. This could be having a platninum hero alongside a silver hero.

We have had the gold abilties since release, so naturally a lot of people have found out which ones are worth while and which ones are not. For example, mandrake is not the best pick with an all silver team, once you hit gold with him his usefulness skyrockets to being included in almost every team. On the other hand, you have heroes like gammond who are still used very frequently but not because of his gold passive, which rarely sees use. Some heroes are very strong at just silver, while others get boosted at gold, and the same will happen with plat.

With the introduction of platinum skills, this same process will happen again, people will find heroes that are tremendously more useful with that final skill then at silver or gold. I know it’s hard and long to tear up heros to gold & plat so it’s all up to your discretion

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