Ronin Finally Got Nerfed

Just ran a few runs in PvP and noticed that Ronin got nerfed again. Appears he only gets .25 damage multiplier per person on team. Surprised me initially since I was relying on him for my matches but it was a well needed nerf anyway.

Also, perhaps I’m the only one experiencing this but looks like you can’t min-max in PvP. It wouldn’t allow me to use heroes that were a difference of 5 levels or power was more than 1k difference. Not sure of any other restrictions yet.

Didn’t see an update for the game so guess they made the changes on the backend. Nice fix devs!

April Fools! You know you all love the min-max sandbagging Rinin teams!

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April foolsssss muthasuckaaa

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lol, you got me there.