Pvp exploit

So I’ve been working moss from the pvp store. He was at 8* and 444 frags in.
The revert says I’d get 3x rewards. I was div 7 mythic so I should have gotten 300 frags so moss should be 9* now and 144 frags in. But he was just reverted to the exact same as prior. Also all my heroium is gone I should have been given 25.5 k heroium. Can HH please look into this


A lot of people are experiencing this problem with fragments, myself included. I had 80/1080 Alvarez frags before the PvP event, and I have 80/1080 Alvarez frags now.

If people are going to complain about the glitch being unfair, hopefully they stay consistent in their complaints now that the “fix” is unfair. Some people got 3 times the rewards while others didn’t get anything.

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There’s already a topic about this. You’re free to post there if you like, but there’s no need for duplicate topics. Thanks!

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