New PVP Game Mode / Tournament

I would like suggest a All New PVP Tournament and hopefully a new Game Mode. Essentially how it will work is “A One (1) Shot Kill The Crow” type of event where as all your heros are at your disposal but they each only have one (1) life and after they would’ve been killed in battle you can no longer use them.You would play until you would’ve used all your heroes or until resets. Points can be allocated on battles won or any other method the deva feel fit. This would encourage players to utilize more of their heroes and discourage min maxing. How? You asked, well let’s say a min maxer uses Ronin and 4 other heroes and he loses his Ronin during that battle, he would now have to resort to his other heroes to gain points. This will also avoid the same sandbaggers from receiving top rewards because I’m certain they’ll lose their Sandbagging heroes early on allowing other players that actually utilize each hero to accumulate points and receive good rewards


i think this is a pretty good idea to rewards other types of players, specifically those that can win mathces with many kinds of teams

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I like this idea, only questions for this however.
Bonus hero has unlimited lives, they keeping this idea or remove with this game mode?
Revives? No revives? or make it crazy expensive.

This really could work, it’s a good idea for sure but it could also be easy wins for those who have a whole team of maxers in their arsenal lol

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No unlimited lives for bonus heroes, no revives, no special privileges whatsoever. Just your compliment of heroes and a set of skills. For those with a team of maxers it won’t be as convenient for them because eventually they’ll lose and important hero to another maxer or by misfortune leaving them vulnerable to defeat every other match. Consider this, once a MIN maxer loses either Flatline, Mandrake, Ronin, Panzer, Caine or Dogface its basically over for them

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A game mode that loads 70 Heroes into your RAM could be catastrophic, but it’s a neat idea! Thanks for contributing.

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why would it need to load them?

if i understand this correctly, you just give all heroes on single life and that’s it.
so everyone will be forced to use all heroes to maximize points and use different teams as their key pvp heroes die.

for example in current pvp mode i usually just play ronin with 4 bonus heroes. when my ronin dies if i want to play more i just revive him and start using other bonus heroes with him.

in the type of game suggested here once ronin dies i’d have to use other types of teams if i want to get more points. And overall it would repay those who have best skills in pvp with variety of teams.
Now it repays those that keep using the same teams they got great at using

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Sorry, thought you meant loading them all sequentially in the same match. One dies and another takes its place.

i guess it would just be similar with draft pvp’s awarding a specific type of excellence in pvp (winning with different teams) so it might be fun to have it once in a while like we have with draft

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@venusrose you are indeed correct

This is a pretty sweet idea!

If possible, the dev could trial this kind of pvp in a brawl, for starters…

Then let see how many player will complain…

Honestly, now that I think about it our only fear would be a sandbagger with Kurtz’. Why? Because he/she can use all his/her heroes as long as Kurtz remains alive ‘Fierce Retaliation’ will take care the rest lol

yes but at least if you lose kurtz you get no 2nd chance

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I like it. Also have them carry over their health like gauntlet.

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Great idea, for sure!

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