PvP glitch?

So I was playing pvp and you know how there’s different ranks well I ranked at 1001-2500 and for some reason it lowered me back to division 1-1,250,000 points
I don’t know if this is a glitch and also when a match for ex I won like 15 matches my rank didn’t go higher
So please tell me if there’s something wrong

How much points do you have right now?

Maybe there are 2500 people with higher score than you, which pushes you back to division 1.

I have 2,300,922 points and I ranked to 1 million something

The nature of a leaderboard means that you are directly competing with other players for those top spots.

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Probably others surpassed you, that’s why you dropped down the leaderboard

But I’m playing like mad and I’m still low rank yet I played so many matches

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