PvP is broken

@GTSaiko, that’s why I just quoted him, he is the one killing noobs, then he starts accusing me for trying to help…

Btw 0 hearts given or received on his topics, starts to make you think about his behavior…


That’s because we are triggered and won’t accept he is right, you silly gold farmer!


It’s funny how he post screen caps of his match but failed to show the game ID. That already says alot about him :thinking::roll_eyes:

I love how this exploiter got own.

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The biggest issues with smurfing right now are:

  1. HHG punished people who don’t level skills, but people figured out they can avoid that by just not leveling heroes.You can still give your heroes more stats by giving them stars so some of the biggest smurfs are running around with 9* heroes at lvl 40-55. For heroes who don’t have skills that scale well, there is 0 reason to level your heroes for PvP, all your doing is adding significant amounts of power to that hero that don’t actually make the hero more powerful - you’re literally gimping yourself.

  2. HHG only punishes you for underleveling skills that you have unlocked. Therefore, just like you shouldn’t level heroes with poorly scaling skills, you shouldn’t promote heroes if the unlocked skill is garbage.

This simply cannot be fixed without a refactor of the power system though. If HHG punishes people for keeping their heroes low, then smurfs will simply stop leveling their teams - and everyone else who doesn’t have VIP10 will be destroyed by the limited cash system since nobody can afford to keep all their heroes at Max level with full skills. Same story with promotions.


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Looks like HHG did something recently, all of a sudden today one of my main teams started consistently getting 3k+ higher power, then this happened:

I still won but now in afraid to queue because I wouldn’t stand a chance against most 30k teams. All my skills are close to max and I play with this lineup often and my enemies would never be more than 2k above me.

Edit: Next game was against a 22.2k team, then the next way this-

Edit2: VIP chat has dozens of people complaining about suddenly seeing much higher opponents in matchmaking.

@Sogui, not sure if you are aware, you have a 9* gold mandrake in your lineup and the rest at 5* silver or gold, which is an imbalance team out to get easy matchups. It’s quite a mismatch to those running a more balanced team, isn’t it ?

People complain cuz they can no longer have easy matchups.

I would think it’s good a good way to discourage players from running an imbalance team to spook the system.

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@Cool_hand, agreed, I get more punishment for less inbalance, 7k power difference so much between their hero’s

Hey I’d gladly evolve my other heroes when I get the frags for them. The only imbalance is that the PVP store is the only way for me to farm frags so my Razor/Caine/Flatline are stuck at 5-6* until I get my PVP boys to 10* and can access the heronium store.

@Sogui, that’s hardly an excuse. There’s always Clyde, gammond etc all good farmable heroes there.

You are not the only experiencing it. And I think it is a good direction, too many a times I see a 10* Dogface.

I have also been fighting plenty of other 22-23k teams that don’t have 9* heroes. It’s just completely random.

Also lol for suggesting I replace Drake with a Clyde. HHG gave us a HUGE incentive to focus on hitting 10* ASAP with the Heronium store… now they’re going to punish us for doing that?

@Sogui, I said there are other heroes like Clyde or gammond to farm, I did not say to replace mandrake …

Nothing wrong with getting a 10* hero. Just the abuse of putting a single high powered hero among the lower ones. Where the high power hero can easily over power the other mid power team. One can always run an imbalance team with high power n mid power mix n yet still win against teams 7K his, as Long as the team has great chemistry. Where your screen shot had proved my point.

Just another great balanced team

Why do I even bother

So I made a team that was all gold 5 stars to see if that would stop the imbalances matches… instead I got a 7 star gold panzer smurfing with a 3 star bronze halloway… killed Halo and Nightingale in 6 seconds.

Edit: Literally tapped my 5 worst heroes for a team, all have lvl 1-20 skills at lvl 50+. Now all my enemies are UNDER my power, HHG screwed up bigtime.

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So yeah, my 5 worst heroes are now on the longest win streak of this event. How does HHG keep making matchmaking worse and worse?

Clearly having underleveled skills isn’t penalized now…

I know

I’ve put out buggy code before but seriously guys…

Wow Sogui your Clyde is awesome, Panzer doesn’t look so OP compared with him now, lol

Sogui, just proofed my point on the spoofing. Sing, you have to bear in mind, Sogui’s Clyde is a 5* gold vs to 3* silvers, obviously he wins hands down, Not forgetting he is Noob Hunting.