Pvp matching system is broken they really need to fix it

I am so tired of being cheated in this game they need to fix the pvp matching system. Im lvl 49 and every single time i play pvp i am matched up against lvl 70+ players and they all have 7-10 star heros that are platinum or gold. Its not fair i cant stand a chance against them so how am i ever supposed to improve in this when i can never win to get pvp tokens to spend to upgrade heros. Seriously fix the problem you should match up players to there team lvl it would be more fair and i dont wanna here crap like well what if your heros are better then theres? Even if they are they we still have a better chance at winning against someone as the same team lvl as you. Hothead games u all really do suck at making games. I bet if i had the recourse and money i could make a game way better then you all could so many down falls to this game and your all too fucking lazy to fix it. You should be fixing it and listining to us the people who play your games and to those who spend money on your games I wont spend a single penny until this is fixed not going to support a game that is broken.

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