PVP Legendary bracket

I’m not there yet (mythic tier) but have seen a lot of players that no longer bother with pvp after joining the Legendary bracket. Players that use to love to grind a bit for decent rewards but now just play enough for dailies to get in that bottom bracket for some stamina.Taking a new entry 1.5mill player up against 3mill+
with more options for points is insane. I’m thinking three tiers 1.5mill-2mill, 2.1-2.75, and 2.75 to infinity. I know the big players will think it is just fine LOL, but it should be fun and competitive for all. Your thoughts?


I agree 100%. There is a HUGE difference between 1.5mil and 3mil power accounts and they shouldn’t have to compete against each other. My account has been sitting at almost 1.5mil for months now because I’m trying to get to level 95 so I can get Ruby heroes. This shouldn’t have to happen. I agree that it is making the game less fun and I’ve definitely been playing less. If any devs read this, PLEASE listen to what we are saying. All the other brackets are a range of half a mil or less and then there’s legendary with a 1.5 million plus range. That’s not right and in my opinion one of the most broken areas of the game. Just look at my account in-game (shortyda) compared to a 3mil power account and tell me if they look comparable. I am stuck not leveling my new heroes just because I can’t afford to go over 1.5mil power; that’s bad business. We’ve been asking for new brackets for at least a year and I think that would be a good place for DECA to start making changes that the community wants.


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