Legendary tier

When will there be a legendary tier?

We got players already reaching ruby and level 100. Most of the time this brings their overall power close to 2 billion. I don’t think it’s fair for new mythic players to be competing in the same league as them.
The rewards after elite have been so much harder to get because first, the gap between 1m to 1.25m is significantly less than the gap of 1.25m to 2b. With the bigger gap means there’s a lot more players, it requires us pvp players to compete a lot harder just to get the same rewards as we would in the elite bracket. My example is if I did 15m points in elite, I would be in the top. 15 percent. In the mythics league, getting 15m puts you in the bottom 75 percent just bcause there’s so many more players…
my conclusion is, HHG, please unlock the legendary tier since ruby is out. The gap for mythics is way too big. 1.25m-2m+, That’s a 750,000 gap, while other tiers are only a 250,000 gap.

Muninn closed this bc it was already a topic. But I don’t see anything being done so I brought it back up, especially because now there is ruby. If you guys agree, like this comment so some action can be done. Thanks!

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This is already a topic! Make sure you search before posting.