So Why Isn't Legendary Out Yet?

This seems like a no brainer and something that would fix several issues currently in the game with literally no downside. However, for whatever reason, the developers have not put the Legendary bracket into the game yet. Is this just an oversights or when is this coming? It honestly should have been released with the level 100 update.

The Legendary bracket would accomplish a couple things. First off, Mythic bracket would not be over crowded like it currently is. The difference between Elite and Mythic top ranks is staggering. Right now the top Elite bracket player is only 14M points. The top Mythic? 115M. That’s 10x the points for the same rank, but the rewards are only 25 less gold and 1 less Gauntlet token. That’s not worth it for such a huge increase in time/energy.

Second off, it would solve the Ruby issue. Right now it is EXTREMELY difficult to beat a Ruby player. The jump at level 95 from 5 bar plat to Ruby is huge. I regularly face Lancer Ruby players who do close to, or over 100k damage. Lancer is pretty sub par at 10*, 5 bar plat but Ruby is such a huge power jump it makes him near God-like. Don’t believe me? Here are some examples. Keep in mind Lancer has no real AOE and his abilities are easily dodge-able. Even the best DPS heroes at 5 bar plat struggle to do over 50k DPS, even under the most ideal circumstances:


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We’ve mentioned a few times in a few topics: it’s coming in the next update.

I will remind you: if it seems easy, simple, or obvious, there’s a reason it hasn’t been done yet. But it’s coming. Thanks!


We need a more difficult raids setting, like tactician mode where you have to play tactical to win


Not sure wuy most people still think u only play people in ur bracket…its just about team power @gamer37xdec can vouch


Yea I don’t get it either. It’s based off you loadout not your bracket

It is based on team power, I faced braveheart while he is two brackets lower than me.

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I was unaware. That seems… silly? Having you only face people in your bracket would make a lot more sense and would also help with the sandbagging I would imagine.

I have never heard of a game or sport for that matter that has brackets and then lets you face people in other brackets. It’s a bracket for a reason.

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This was taken today. Elemental brawl.

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Let’s say you’ve used your top 5 Heroes. Each one has 10k power, for a total of 50k.

They’re all expended, so you go and use your next best 5. They total 25k.

We put you up against someone in your bracket, and only your bracket. The person available is running a 50k team. We match you against them.

Can you see the problem?

Say it with me: if it seems obvious, easy, or simple, it isn’t.


But that assumes a few things are true. First off, there are only two people trying to match in the current bracket? Most likely this is not the case and tons of people are trying to play at any given time with varying team levels.

Second, I thought the game had bots for this very reason? So you would never get placed in a match that was that unbalanced if no one else was available to play?

IMO, if the brackets based on total power only will be creating another problem/ complains…

Because of AW events, some players try to grind their top 5, but not the rest of the heroes…

So, imagine a player have “small” total heroes power, let say around 1.25M, but he managed to grind several hero to Ruby state…
There’s a big chance they will dominate that respective brackets they in…

But this just my opinion… Maybe other have another tought how to make pvp more ‘fair’…

It’s an example. Look at how often people complain about mismatches now. That problem is multiplied when you further restrict pools.

Bots are a last resort. They’re not a solution. I don’t want players to end up in a high bracket and only face bots. That’s a poor experience, as well as being potentially exploitative.

There isn’t an easy, simple, or obvious solution. Keep in mind I’m not trying to debate you. You said it was silly and couldn’t understand why we would do things this way, so I’m telling you why. You don’t have to agree with it, just like you don’t need to agree that water is wet, but in both cases, it is what it is. I don’t really have anything else for you, here.


I think the matchmaking takes place in an overall manner . Means bracket doesn’t take place during matchmaking as a player in MYTHIC can also run a team with same power which a player in ELITE is using .

Yes, but to get to certain brackets you can’t really have many weaker heroes. For instance I am not even 1.75M total power yet, which I assume will be around Legendary bracket levels, but my lowest team is only 56k. I would never face someone in the lowest brackets, even when using my absolute weakest heroes (which I don’t, they are cannon fodder and crap in PVP which is why I didn’t bother leveling them in the first place).

My next highest team after that is 67, then 72, then they are all 80k+. So while I might have one or two teams that are in the weaker brackets, the rest aren’t. Obviously I am not saying it’s perfect, but it would help alleviate the sandbagging problem I imagine.

Yeah! It’s easy, simple and obvious: you guys want us to spend more cash to revive toons at PvP and u don’t want to give us a little more amount of rewards.

I think devs are right the best way of machmaking to match with currently playing pvp players and ignore bracket
1.if any bracket not have any player playing pvp then is it wrong to play with bots all time. I think you bored after some time.
2.when you match with all brackets players new players will learn from them and know much more about load out and teams.
3.yes bots are not solution.