PvP points allocation suggestion

I’ve been going up against a lot of teams in PvP for this event running only two characters. I’m thinking a good way to minimize this in the future is to lower the points earned. For example, if they run a team out with just Yeager + Matador; take away the points accelerator. Only give the accelerator if they run a complete team of 5.

Another thing is the pvp gems earned. Why should the team that’s playing the game the right way, can only earn at most 40 pvp gems from a team that’s clearly sandbagging. Reverse that and make the sandbagging team can only earn at most 40 pvp gems or just take away their pvp gems.

With the way things are currently set, it rewards bad behavior and give a bad taste to new player.


I’ve said it before and I think it would really work with fixing the two man teams as well as sandbagging. Match the two highest power hero’s. If someone wants to run two heroes they’re probably going to be facing five. Their top Hero will be matching the other persons top hero.


Basing team power off of a representative is actually a really good way to fix it. Atleast i think so, since it also deals with ronin teams. All of pvp has become ronin sandbagging with some actual teams here and there.


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