Pvp problematic

What haS happened with hardscope he is literally dying in 5seconds in every pvp match up this is ridiculous and upsetting… How can my strongest charac~ter 9* be dying faster than all my 7* I’m really put off!

Well… he is probably getting shot at by dps heroes, try protecting him and using defensive heroes like Phalanx or butter with healers or try to balance out the team that a 9* isn’t with 7*s. Bullets are known to kill

A good PVP player focuses on killing the DPS first. If you take out the damage dealer, you effectively win the match.

If you’re not supporting your Hardscope with heals, defensive buffs, or shields, what are you doing?

Also, since your Hardscope is so high in power, your matches might be skewed since you are potentially min-maxxing. Try taking in teams with heroes of near-equal power and see if that helps.