PVP using 2/3/4 Heroes

Its called free play mate… you can do whatever you want because its FREE PLAY… I couldn’t care less about your gaming name…


Aren’t you a clever boy!

I am mate yes… people like playing free play due to no rules… when they want rules and certain teams they play brawl… maybe chose a balanced team and you wouldnt get spanked by 2 man teams.

That was my issue even with balanced teams you still get paired with 2//3/4 team, so if you had come on with a constructive reply I would have loved to discuss further but you didn’t, you came on being childish and got an adequate response.

Muninn isn’t going to be too happy lol

I have a question: if you were to face a team with less than 5 heroes but you could still earn 100 PVP gems for winning, would there still be an issue?

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Tell that to the Castellan and Fran team i faced.

Even after setting perfectly balanced teams ,I get matched up with 2 or 3 hero Team .I have contacted support multiple times now . Especially the Francoise and Castellan ones or the Shiv or Kurtz or Ronin or now Mariana - Halo Min-Max teams . If the opponent has low lives , how does he always have lives for this selected heroes . I have also seen some players using this loophole to win tournament , very unfair on the players who try to play fair .

Sid, they have the answer to your problem, The Draft. It’s awesome. Equalized heroes and you must use 5. That being said, in free play, I run just Franc and Drake often. Starting to test adding Duran as a 3rd. I don’t always win.

That’s not true. I’ve won against 2-3 hero teams and still complain to them lol

ITS CALLED FREE PLAY FOR A REASON…no rules…thats why none are listed lol

Anyway they are so easy to beat…it is Annoying I get less gems but they are at a major disadvantage

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Yeah, i see no problem with 1-4man teams. They definitely have their disadvantages. Most of those teams have 1 or 2 heroes which hold the team together. Once you’ve figured out how to beat them they’re pretty easy. It’s all about kill priority and elemental affinities.


Define “Fair” just because someone is winning with a different strategy using the same resources doesn’t make it any less “fair” just like rolling isnt cheating

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In tourney where we can’t pick 2 heroes to go, i think its just bot. Only the bad thing is they seem copying a team compotition of real players that bring 2 heroes like in free play.

This will be same response to @tollboothkyle & @Eklavya who mention this here.

And im agree with @Braveheart596 that said its called free play (no rules) & fine if bringin 1 or 2 heroes there. Not all players aiming for gems or win. They might only wanna do power test on pvp, facing a real threat with less crowd attacks like in campaign do.

  1. Begging your pardon sir, but we already have PvP events that require 3 heroes. Not minimum of 3 or maximum of 3, but just 3 @tollboothkyle . And, in many instances, I’ve gotten down to 2 heroes left and could no longer play unless I revived a hero or waited till a reset. So, how would a 5 hero required free play be different? I don’t exactly know how many active players there are (that are eligible to play PvP) would have only 5 heroes to use that would make it “catastrophic” to set a requirement of 5 heroes, but I imagine it’s very few @Eklavya . And even then, those people surely know that as they play more, and acquire more heroes, they get to play more PvP. Besides, would a player with only 4 heroes left in their entire roster still use them in a match? The game doesn’t know it’s their last 4 heroes and will punish them in matchmaking…maybe.

  2. On the concept of PvP gems earned, (if the 5 hero requirement can’t be imposed) I can’t see how an implementation of 100 gems per win regardless of how many opponents you face or kill wouldn’t be fair. You win, you get 100 gems, period.

  3. This whole game is founded on the principle of 5 heroes. It’s why the story mode builds you up to 5 and stops there. It doesn’t keep going up to 6, 7, etc. It didn’t stop at 4 or 3.

I mean, look at how many complaints we’re getting right now when we let you do what you want, when you have freedom. Try to imagine how many there would be once we put restrictions on Free Play.

I know you’ll say there won’t be any, because you want it to happen, but you’ll need to trust me on this one.

I don’t have anything further to add to this, and won’t be replying further. You’re free to disagree if you want, but I’m not going to argue with you

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Because it is difficult to define what is Fair , I will try to explain what is Unfair to me . Also a pictures speaks 1000 words. Don’t want put to many pictures so limiting it to 3 Images . But I have already written a lot about UNFAIR MIN-MAXING , SELECTIVE UPGRADING OF SKILLS and now 5 HEROES Vs NON 5 HEROES BATTLES.

If it is still unclear I can definitely share my other posts on the forum and yes already contacted support multiple times about it .

You’re right but people will just say you’re whining lol, freeplay has gotten monotonous because of players who play that way. There’s a handful of people who consider themselves good PvP players when all they do is run 3 man teams like Caine and Fran with whatever the bonus hero of the month is.

All they’re really doing is exploiting the system. It’s become a matter of “if you can’t beat em, join em.” That’s why these kind of teams won’t go away. Weaker players who get beat by these teams are learning to play in this way. Vicious cycle.