Single hero PVP?

Anyone tried PVP with just 1 hero? And then keep doing PVP until all hero’s ran out. Maybe outcome is more rewards?

If you use just one Hero, you often get matched with two or more heroes, lower than yours. Yours maybe stronger than each one of them, but the mass will kill you.

We’ve been talking about doing this as a Brawl with some restrictions such as 1v1 Snipers Only. Is this something all of you would be interested in trying?


Yes, absolutely :smiley:

Im not really into that idea. It woul be just running around, trying to avoid fire untill the skills are ready.

I like the team aspect of this game, that would get lost in a 1v1.

An entire game mode for 1v1 PvP would not be something I’d like to see, but a 1v1 event would definitely be something I’d like to see, such as Snipers.

In addition to that, what about a randomly generated Same-Hero/Same-Power 1v1 event…
Such that you get matched with a player where the two would both get the same hero with same specs (same rank, same grade, same skill levels, same level, same power), and may the better player win… wouldn’t get more even than that!

To expand: I own a 9* Platinum DogFace, and my opponent owns a 3* Bronze DogFace…
Our actual hero specs would have no affect on our matching together, since DogFace’s specs would be randomly generated (if DogFace is the hero that’s chosen by the system).
So despite what we actually own, the system could give us a 7* Gold3 DogFace that we’d use to fight each other to the death.

Rather than power being the determinant for the amount of points we receive for milestones, Milestones could be based on amount of wins.

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My real question is about how to maximize rewards in PVP-pls look at below math:
Assumption 1:you have only 5 fresh clean heroes that you just unlocked. Due to basic power of no more than 150, most likely you will be paired with one other player too.
Assumption 2: PVP win rate is 50% regardless of how strong you are.

Scenario A: Full team PVP
3 lives give you approx 6 battles, 50% win rate yields 3 games won.

Scenario B: 1X1
You have 3X5 or 15 lives, which give you ~30 battles, 50% win rate yields 15 games won.

Scenario C: PVP o the last hero standing.
Start with 5 then keep PVPing till no one is alive. Amount of rewards should be smaller than C, but more than A.

Conclusion: You get more gems if you use new heros to 1X1 in PVP and no need to invest anything in them. Just make sure you use heroes that can brawl in nature, and not snipers nor healers.

Anyone understand this please? Is my logic right?

Yes, of course. I even made a thread about this some month back.
I am interested to see how you would balance out this kind of sniper vs. sniper battles. Prophet would always win if he’s matched against Moss (who wouldn’t be able to do more than inflict self-damage).