📣 Q&A Session with our amazing Game Masters

Join us on Discord for an exclusive opportunity to get answers in real time from our design team!

When? Where?

:small_blue_diamond: Tomorrow, June 30. From 9am till 10am PST
:small_blue_diamond: The session will be held on the Hero Hunters Discord :point_right: Hero Hunters Community
:small_blue_diamond: Please follow some basic rules: be polite, check out already answered questions, bring coffee :coffee:, try not to interrupt answers

We’re expecting you!


Add new bracket after legendry. In lengendary bracket to much rush.

This is an announcement for an event taking place in discord. There’s no point sharing it here. Make sure you share it when it happens!

Ask already answered question, being edgy, bring tea and interrupts answers.
Gotcha king

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It happening on discord not here.

But someone please write the summary in the forum…



Yes I’ll be at work. A summary would be awesome for those who can’t make it

Hi @bulls.eye
Would you mind laying out the parameters that the design team is responsible for and what they work with to differentiate what they do and what is not in their scope of assignments to address so we may ask pertinent and proper questions early on?
Thank you so much.

Make sure we’re on the same page with the coffee. The rest is fine. :grin: :coffee::coffee::coffee:

Absolutely, no worries :raised_hands:

Hey. Sure thing. They are responsible for hero creation, hero rework, events tuning. When I say hero creation I mean anything from faction and element to each skill. Everything get’s reviewed by our Senior Game Designer who won’t be part of the session this time. They also do some work on the offers and other things but not as extensively as the other tasks. Overall game meta is also something you might consider in their purview.

I will do it, sure thing. :v:

Just give us serial crate. I m not using discord. Ask my question at discord. It helps me and alot players also.
You are focus on new heroes and forget about old heroes. Many years and months ago serial crate available.

I will make sure to not your feedback down, thanks.

Where is verrill skin plz

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where is veriil mythic skin ?

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