Q&A Session Recap

Hello Hunters!

For those of you who missed it, this is a recap of the latest Q&A session we had last Thusrday, June 30. :coconut:

Q: Will there be any plans on implementing lore for older characters?
My own suggestion for this would be to have 1 hero every month that additionally gets extra attention. Things such as lore, design tweaks, skins and balancing will be sought out for said hero.
A: Hey, we are looking into expanding the lore as much as possible. I personally am a huge fan of it and we are trying to expand and even connect some of it with older heroes.

Q: Can you put up the Stygia crate again
A: We will definitely have one in the future.

Q: Can you guys start a new event that contains skin tokens?
A: We will definitely look into this idea, we have some interesting stuff coming in the near future.

Q: Can you add a custom boss?
A: Can you elaborate as to what you mean about a custom boss?

Q: Like a custom boss event where we have to do as much damage as possible and the more damage we do the more bucks and skin tokens we get.
A: This is certainly an interesting suggestion. Thank you for this!

Q: How would you guys rate the upcoming update/the most recent one?
A: For the current 5.8 update, I am very happy to see that the community appreciated all of our hard work on the buffs . But we have more big changes coming in other aspects in the near future, so stay tuned.

Q: How about adding a bracket in war above 60 mil?
A: This is definitely something that we could look into in the future, but right now our priorities lie on other fun improvements.

Q: Can we make ruby mk 6 farmable in extreme 7, 8 levels that has a daily limit of 3? Adding bar is limited by ruby salvage anyways. Gives purpose to extreme lvl as well.
A: We are looking into the Ruby economy overall, thank you for your suggestions. We will be sure to take them into account.

Q: Why did you change the fragments of everyday heroes?
A: Hey, we felt like they hadn’t been changed for years and we wanted to freshen up the quests a bit with something a little bit new. We are looking into doing this more often in the future.

Q: Plz launch a good event.
A: We think that most of the events are good ones, but if you like something new and fresh stay tuned for the next release. :wink:

Q: My only thing is, will there be more ways to collect the core MK VI items in future? The drop rate is very low and takes a while to collect the 206 needed for one hero.
A: Hi, thank you for the question. Our Design team is looking into this and you might see more ways to acquire those in the near future ^^.

Q: Need new events, which completely never happened before. Kinda like realism pvp by the HHG devs. That was highly appreciated by the players.
A: Stay tuned. Might happen in the near future. ^^

Q: Extreme 5-6 nerf :smirk:
A: Thank you for the suggestion, I will bring this to the rest of the design team and we will do an investigation on this issue.

Q: By the way, glad to see the hero buffs on older heroes you have put together more than just 1 or 1 set that really is a step forward we have been wanting to see. Thank you
A: Thank you! We are happy that you enjoy the changes!

Q: Hey DECA! Not necessarily a question, but wanted to pass this along to y’all. I created a suggestion last year that completely revamps daily quests by giving us players unique and challenging things to complete instead of the same old stuff daily. People seemed to really like it when it was posted, but anyways, would love for y’all to consider something like this! Completing the same old daily quests day after day is tiresome and isn’t interesting, and it could use a revamp. Thanks! :slight_smile: Quest Tab Rework Idea
A: Thank you for this awesome detailed suggestion.

Q: Pris is barely ever used and I’ve never lost a match to one either. That’s speaking over 4.5 years of experience. That’s bad lol. Would love to see her buffed, that’s obvious because i have a maxed out on (totally maxed) and really just am leaving her behind because with new heroes like Voltage she becomes more and more useless
A: Thank you for the suggestion, we are striving to do more impactful buffs in the future, as such Pris is definitely a hero that we have our eyes upon.

Q: Anything new with war coming in?
A: Not in the recent future but we may consider it in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

Q: Will there be a UAF skin for Commander
A: We can bring this as a suggestion and if it is approved we can include this one. I will write it down. :slightly_smiling_face:

Q: Why isn’t the mk7 ruby core in the core bundle pack yet?
A: Other departments are looking at those.

Q: Will there be an Urgent Mission for Valkyrie
A: Unfortunately no.

Q: Are there any future plans to shake up War a bit like new maps or new heroes available?
A: Yes, we do have plans. We will share information as soon as we have more details.

Q: Will you be looking in to the design of bounty events to come such as the summoning yields to make higher summons and in the process to a way remove unwanted bounties from bounty board to clear of heroes we may not have unlocked or too low bounties which is the current situation we have?
A: We will consider those for future releasesл

Q: Many top spenders of the game either have retired or are on the verge of retiring. Give them something to spend money on. Keep marines alive!
A: There is a guy in our team that will be super happy to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:

Q: How far are we into reviewing PvP balancing like from just limited faction fight events that no one ever gets matched to others well because they throw in ruby heroes or any of a diverse setup where you never really see equalized teams fighting it seems like it’s always a 3 man teeter saw event. Someone is always too powerful, not always but a lot. If teams were forced to play equal grade in events like gold teams vs gold teams or platinum only vs platinum teams I think teams would be better matched to begin with and players would get teams more balanced to participate.
A: We are working on it but it might take some time

Q: Ryker buff?
A: We are finding this one in a good state so we are looking into less used heroes for buffs.

Q: Not sure if you are allowed to answer this. But what heroes are ‘less used’?
Is that statistically speaking? And in that case, who may be next? Because well, I definitely know some heroes that are not played a lot, like. Never
I’m talking about the midlines that are missing out on their respective ruby skills.
I’m talking about other heroes like Klayton, Odachi, Min, and well. Just a lot, nothing specific.
A: Unfortunately changing a ruby skill of an old hero might require to rework the hero itself.

Q: Please update the Stores, only the newest players can take a benefit from them now…
A: We are currently looking into it.

Looking forward to the next one!


Lol, I see mellow asked a question, wish I was there to ask for a clyde buff

C.L.Y.D.E buff is Sand Ruby, lol

Same ruby doesn’t exist, as far as I’m concerned

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