Q&A with the Art team!

Hello Hunters!

7.5 is running and I’ve seen a lot of people already have S.O.M.A. I hope everyone who does is enjoying her and discovering her potential!

It’s no secret she looks awesome and interesting, so why don’t we delve deeper into the “behind the scenes” process of her creation…and why not even further?

It’s time for a Q&A with our Art team!
If you have ever been curious on how the Hero creation happens art-wise, or about the specific themes and choices done for certain Heroes and skins created by Deca, now is the time for you to satisfy your curiosity!

How will it happen?

This won’t be a live Q&A. Please submit your questions here as comments to this post. At the end, I will handpick a specific amount of them and send them over to the Art team to go through and answer. After they are done, I will post the answers here for everyone to see. You can keep in mind the following directions when thinking of questions:

  • 2D & Concept Art
  • 3D Art
  • Animations
  • Visual Effects
  • Overall Design

Please remember to be respectful. Also please don’t use this Q&A post for reporting bugs related to art. Those should still go to me and/or our Support team.

You will have 1 week starting now to submit your questions!

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The main thing which i wanna know more about is the making of Stygia’s mythic skin(clockwork)
I’m curious about what the thought process was that went into the design of this mythic. I wanna see more behind the scenes of the 3D model of this skin and the reason why this specific theme was selected and if the devs had any other designs that didn’t make it in the game i wanna see those too.

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SOMA has three legs. What was the inspiration and research to discover how three legged things walk? I mean, in nature… not too many examples of such.

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What was the idea behind astral characters having instense staring down towards the ground or heroes smaller than them?

How do you guys determine the height of the characters and how big they are compared to other characters?

What was yalls favorite hero to design so far?

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What happened to the voltage skin and what did it look like in the design process?

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What if a hero have mummy suit shape. And his skin be like different types of mummy suits like white,black,yellow,blue.

My question. Is it possible in the future to find a way to unequip only the look of skins? Say it shows the grade of the skin equipped but any physical skin you want?

Will we see other concept art in the future?

So here’s mine and i got 2 questions:

Q1:Would there be a possibility to create some idle animations for the other heroes? same as fortress? or perhaps a button where they change their stand action?

Q2: When changing skin (Higher skins tags like mythic skin), would be the skill effects should change also to add some awesomeness of the skin?

How do you decide the themes for the mythics? For instance, how did the western theme with the Bandit skin for Duran get picked?

Thank you everyone for submitting such interesting questions! I’m sure the art team is going to have fun answering them!

Stay tuned for the answers in the upcoming weeks!

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