DECA - Mythic Skin for Cross?

Can we show my boy Cross some love please? He’s always been my favorite and the Valentines Day skin is just atrocious. He needs a Mythic skin.

How about a Black Metal Mythic skin for Cross? I’m thinking corpse paint, black armor, and a blood red Mohawk. I think it fits in with his original look and voice.

For those that don’t know, Black Metal is an extreme heavy metal genre of music. These bands typically (but not all) wear “corpse paint” on their faces.

Below are examples of corpse paint:



Hey there! Great suggestion! I have listened to my fair share of black metal so I absolutely love the idea! I will pitch it to our team to consider, though please keep in mind there are a lot of factors that have to be taken into consideration when such things are made, so unfortunately we cannot always go with the thing we personally like. :metal:


Really nice proposal, although cannot say cross is my favorite

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Hell yes! Cross has always been my favorite (@Okelly ) stop laughing haha :slight_smile:

He’s a very underrated character and the op is right, the Valentines skin is embarrasing lol


I think the early 3 heroes we have when we started the mission, should have legendary/ mythic skin…
Nightingale already has legendary, hopefully Ryker and Butter will too :laughing:


I knew Sprite would like this post

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