Quality of life changes we need

I will list a bunch of quality of life changes suggested by players which i personally think would fit in the game, will bring freshness and quality to the daily activity and are fairly realistic and worthwhile to add.

New dailies.
We have had these daily challenges for years. They’re not exactly challenges. We should have them on a rotating basis in the first place. And we should have the easy of getting our daily reward, but earn extra’s by completing the actual challenges.
Here are a few examples.
Fo. Could be 3 x midlines, or 10x heroes higher in stars, or to eliminate xx enemies with a team of 4. Or kill xxx enemies while having more allies than the enemy (spawnables)
“Use a team of 5 frontlines and win a match”
“Win a match having switched to other heroes and used 5 different abilities”
“Win a match using x x x x x”

Then the other various gamemodes
“Win a coop match with a stranger”
“Use two heroes both in a coop match and win”

“In campaign, kill xxx amount of xxx enemy” for example, 10 riflemen, or 2 Becks
“In campaign. Kill 3 enemies with 1 ability”
“In campaign, destroy 10 boxes”

Think of things like these that incentivize players to go out of their routine and explore the game more, experiment and have a challenge that isn’t monotonous and the same. You can add randomizers to keep this up, every day the number of and the type will change. Some days can be harder than the others, some easier.
Now, speaking of rewards, ofcourse. Frags for the heroes having to be used. Or you could simply roll with an end reward once a set few challenges have been completed. It could rotate as well, with the end of the week being a rare token like an FF token, or a MW. Or add skin shards in the future which active people can consume with enough to receive a certain rare skin. Endless possibility and endless replayability. You add this and people wilo be sweet for quite a while exploring it. Heck, why not add a subscription for bonus rewards and challenges for those money spending addicts, or a login bonus increase. Give players a reason to spend money towards this without excluding the major player base that doesn’t spend.

Now the smaller quality of life changes.
100x buttons on crates.
Hud customization
More personalization for your profile, hero highlights, stats, achievement showcases, titles, colors.
Then the biggest issue we all experience. If you either accidentally click a message, open another screen or do whatever the game bugs so incredibly hard you get disconnected and you have to reset the game.
I am currently also experiencing a bug that makes my game freeze on the very first quick win of the day so even just logging on has me reset the game. In an hour of playing i usually have to reset the game over 5 times or even more.


You can constantly post messages like this but I’ll be brutally honest with you. Nothing will ever change in this game. Deca is following what HH did before they took over. There will never ever be any new updates to this game that will be something new or unique. Hell people have her. Begging for the guilded event we’ll before Deca took over. They simply don’t care

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Well. I disagree with you here. Their resources are clearly limited but they are most certainly listening to our needs. HHG gave us Void and Astral, and while strugglesomely, deca is giving option to get those. Extreme needed a nerf, they gave it. But we have yet to see if a gamemode is ever going to be a thing. I don’t think deca would have bought HHG with the intention of never adding something new because that would plainly be stupid.
Just letting you know, i want friendly discussions, no negativity or hate towards one another or DECA.

It comes down to one simple thing money that’s it

Kyle. That is stating the obvious. The entire goal from making this game in the first place is money. Deca needs money to run this game, if they don’t the company fails. I think what you are referring to is greed, but that i simply do not agree on. You need to learn to step into someone else’s shoes and have an understanding of their situation

I like the suggestions. Just to add on if I may… It would also be nice to have more than level 14-5 Easy to grind for MK VI frags. It’s a long process to get 206 MK VI frags with only 1 easy level since the drop rate is so low. Could we get a some Extreme levels with MK VI frags?

Also, no new heroes have been added to the Gilded Crate. Would it be possible to have all hereos - even void and astral - added to it? Thanks @Deca_Willow for asking for more feedback!

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Its sad when the purple hero crate gets more frequent update than the gilded crate.

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You are very right on this issue. It is either waiting months until they release cores or you have to spend at least 1 or two building one yourself. It is incredibly boring to have to craft this for a month or two when you cannot spend stamina on anything else. And the drop rate is indeed low, they should up it or guarantee

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People have been begging for the guilded event to come back and it seems it will never happen also no new game modes an occasional solo coop event. But it’s just. HH in a different skin. Not sure why you have the same love for Deca that you did for HH. You say they listen to players but nothing happens it’s just the same old thing HH did towards the end of them owning it. But yea it comes down to greed, they’ll ride the wave until people stop spending and then will just shut it down

I understand your frustration. But I simply do not see the things you complain about. Unless you have an actual argument behind it instead of shouting.

Don’t discount my opinion as a newer player, but why not give some Team XP from PvP? Sure, there is a daily challenge, but 5 XP for a win, or even a paltry amount for opening the victory chest, I believe, could go a long way. Limit it to events to inventivize competing if you like, especially at the lower tiers. Maybe make it a rank reward alongside the hero fragments or gold. My whole rant is that, perhaps, there may be a way to increase the means by which we can level up. That is all


Your opinion is very valued here. And i wholeheartedly agree with you. Players are limited by their dailies and possibly missions they complete. They don’t earn well unless you are high in extreme. Pvp on that matter could definitely grant a substantial amount of XP. I don’t see how this would be less benificial to DECA either as faster leveling up means more resources needed which results in more money used to buy valuable things they could offer. Win win
On addition, new rewards and milestones would also be a good stretch which shouldn’t be too hard to implement. Like you said, incentivize. And hopefully incentivize creativity as well and not just meta teams


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