Question to hhg

*how many daily active users are there devs? I’m a surprised there are only 50 or so mythic winners. I was a top 1000 alliance on my own with 1bn bounty only. So I wonder.

Secondly what are you doing to attract new players? And how is that going?

I cannot answer this from the devs, but judging by season 2 war leaderboards there were 693 active participants (I know this doesn’t include everyone but moreover the majority of active players likely played war) so doing some basic math assuming each has 25 members

25*693= 17,235 so we can round to about 18k active presuming newer players didn’t participate etc.

As for marketing no clue, I’ll let them answer that one

No offense or anything, but why do you sound like a dev? Are you a new person or just someone who does things similar to devs but in much more informal ways?

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I’m just a guy like you who enjoys playing a game, I’m not a Dev the most power I have is I’m a mod on discord. Hence why I said I can’t talk for the devs I just did a basic calculation based on what information we have, the number could be 2 or 3x why i guessed and I’d have no clue lol

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Nice. I respect your call.

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