War statistics

Could we add some way to see alliance war stats after the war is over? Like how many attacks were used by each member? Total zones defended? Attacks repelled? Points earned? Etc? There could even be season stats and career stats? Just a suggestion.


Just check an hour before war ends and you have your results for that war. Take a screenshot at the end of each war and see who is under performing


I’ve been trying to do that but I’m pretty busy at work meeting with clients so I cant always check at that exact moment at noon. I cant be the only one busy at work. Plus I want to see how many total attacsk went unused for the whole war, not just that day. Or how many zones were captured over a season? Etc. Plus stats would be cool. Again just an idea.

You can very easily work this stuff out, myabe have your XO or officers grab a screenshot? most will average 3/4 attacks per 20BP at the high end alliances so if they have numbers way below average you can more than likely see who isn’t doing their job. You can also see at any one point how many defenders your members have down. That is generally a sign they aren’t taking part if they have barely any defences.