Quick win Ad issue

Many times I faced this issue. When I trying to see the ad for quick win or double the quest reward then game got stuck and nothing happend so i need to directly close the game n start over but not recieve the double reward…

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I also faced this problem but some days back You can try to reinstall the game to fix it or any one else can answer this question

I’ve had the same issue several times. My only advice is:

  1. Don’t watch the videos right after you launch the app.
  2. Don’t watch the videos after you’ve played for an extended period of time.

I’ve reinstalled the app and it still happens. The videos are more unstable for me right after launching the app. In fact, sometimes your other free video chances disappear after the initial crash. So I launch the app, run some quick wins, run 3-4 pvps and then go for the free vids. I have almost no crashes when I do that. It also seems that if you play for a little ng time, the vids are more crash prone, too.

Thanks that worked for me hitman 6020

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