Quit giving the pay to plays a free ride

Before anyone says it, I know this has been raised a million times before, but it still hasn’t been addressed and it’s gotten ridiculous.

Ran a evenly matched ruby team, and met these guys, didn’t stand a chance against them as they were much higher powered so dropped to low level plats to get away from them and still met them.

Had this regularly recently on our main accounts as well.

This must be ruining pvp for new players and between this and the constant special offers on log in that you have to tap 5 times to get away from, it’s the sentimental reasons only that keeps me here now


coop has been a buggy mess since it came out. nothing new here


Its definitely nothing new but deca could acknowledge it and atleast tell us why they dont fix it
And stop with the ridiculous pop ups
that u have to click numerous times to close it. Than alone makes me not want to spent money on it


You must be stucked in a continuous loop with them. Everytime they coming… I stucked too few days ago. Those were own guys too. It was 15+ matches but i lost only one. It was fun but same time boring and frustrating beating same guys again and again.

Next time if this happens, try to clear caches and restart your phone then run again… Hopefully it might not happen.


Thank you for the tip Biebs. It’s not fun to get matched outside of a meaningful range… and I do think that Deca does a reasonable job of balancing my matches. (i’m not in the final tier).

I suspect that when a 200k player drops into my bracket for a match, they intended to and used a technique. It does ruin my session and I have to leave for a bit until they get bored/accomplish what they came to do.

Griefing happens in a lot of PvP games. It doesn’t make it ok, just makes my skin a bit thicker and ask, “Are you done yet?”

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This has been under the team’s radar for quite a while and everyone acknowledges the importance. The sad part is that it is something that is very difficult to pinpoint the root cause of and resolve. Doesn’t mean that it isn’t under investigation.

As for the offer pop-ups. It is server-related and usually happens only in the first couple of minutes after daily reset. If you close the game and reopen, it should be better.


This has been a common co op pvp bug for a long time. Players will initially put in low platinum heroes, then cancel out and swap in high ruby ones. This ensures easy matchups.


Urs is 1:3
Mine is 1:9
It feels irritating
But the main fun is to beat ruby heroes with platinum heroes
Think it as an extreme co op raid match !

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