You get told about this EVERY CO OP PVP

Stop screwing us over! You get told about this crap every time there is a co-op pvp event! You either do not care or you are incompetent

Blame hothead for making a mess on coop match maker code

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That is clearly a skill issue

(I’m joking)

But things can be fixed too.

Call me crazy (I’m a psychology major), but the motivation to do this is of some interest to isolate. Are they…

  1. actually the heroes who do this every event to remind Deca we still have a problem?

  2. 150k teams feel impotent vs 200+k teams they cannot escape meeting, so they drop into town for easier points? (Again, trying to send Deca a message to fix the final bracket matching?)

  3. finding little time to play and running on autopilot with no fear of interference is preferable?

I can’t speak for Deca (obviously), but Willow seems quite caring about our community. We will never know the round table discussions they have on these issues, but i dont think they ignore these posts. It can only help every event for someone to post, like the OP did, and keep the topic as fresh as possible.


You can’t be more on point with this, thank you for the comment!

Here’s the thing - I have said it before and I will say it again - if something can be fixed fast and easily, it will be. Something not being fixed yet means that either the cause of problem is very deeply rooted and hasn’t been found yet or that any fix attempt hasn’t worked so far. We can all have our speculations and theories, but we can’t know for sure until the devs say.

What I can assure you is that this has been a topic of multiple discussions internally and the problem is not being ignored or kept present on purpose.

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Remember what I used to say: if something is a certain way, and the solution seems easy, obvious, or simple, it isn’t.



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So this morning it occurred, my 60k team ran into 150k team.

Because its only 1 griefer in the mix, i just waited 31 seconds to take me off rhythm. They would most likely be in another battle and I am free to keep playing against my level playing field.

It worked for quite a few matches. I was happy.

Saw them again, but what is this!? They were a 62k team vs my 60k. This is nice.

I would have been very ok with losing to them, may the best fighter win kind of thing. However we won.

My prize? They came back my very next match with their 150k team. Haha. I’m sorry for them they need this cushion to achieve their goals.

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