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Everyone knows the feeling of finishing 10,15, 20 successive missions while only getting one, two or very few of the item you need. It’s just frustrating and a poor investment of stamina.

My proposal is to have a fluctuating percentage increase for each item, for each time you finish a mission. If you do a mission once, each item you didn’t get would slightly increase in drop chance, over and over again until it reach a cap. Higher grade items would cap at a lower percent.
Each item’s drop resets to default after you:

  1. Get the item
  2. Craft something
  3. Do different mission including outside of the campaign
  4. Restart the game
    So you’ll only get the benefit from the items of 1 mission at most, and doing anything else will let the game know you’re done focusing on a particular item. It would encourage players spending dedicated time for their high-demand item requirements

Sorry if this sounds like a ‘gimme freebies pls’, but I’d just like to see a more dynamic loot rate that I’m surprised more games don’t have


oof just do hard missions oof

My team isn’t strong enough for a lot of them. There are some items I can only get in the normal campaign. The stores are kind of on and off for what’s relevant to me; I’ve got no idea what to expect from them from one day to the next

I totally agree, because just today I was trying to get silver shoulder pad fragments from 3-8, and I spent 130 stamina and ended up with ONE.


This type of percent chance increase through each missed attempt is already implemented in the Subscription Crate.
For each crate opened, the percent chance of winning the grand prize is increased for each missed attempt.

I really like this idea being put towards campaign missions, because sometimes I can do 10 missions in a row and not even get a single item that I am trying to get.

Great idea @HeroUnmaster and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

A percentage drop chance already gives you an higher probability next time is you don’t get the item.

If you have a 20% drop chance, so you get 2 out of 10 and you do not get it, the probability changes to 22.2%, since you now get 2 out of 9.

I can’t tell via text if you’re serious or trolling, but this is absolutely not how probability works. Each drop is independent of every other drop. In your example, if the drop rate is 20% and you run the mission 100 times and never get the item, you still have a 20% chance to get the item if you run it again. Past performance has no bearing on future performance.

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It was maybe decriped badly, had to finish my thoughts before leaving the tram :grimacing:

The whole purpose of % chances is, that if you take a big enough example you match the chance. Just because you won’t get one at the first 10 tries it doesn’t mean you get some later on. You may get 5 out of 100, but later on you will get 35 out of 100 and out evens out over time. It can be frustrating for sure, but the suggestion would lead to higher drop chances and we do not need that. We can already upgrade our heroes fast enough. It gets much slower after plat +2, but if you are that far you are in endgame and it shouldn’t be possible to get a plat +5 hero in a week or so.

That makes much more sense then, thanks for clarifying! You are correct in that over a large enough sample size, the total drop rate will approximately equal the nominal.

Unfortunately people tend to forget when they have good runs of drops and only notice when they have bad runs, furthering their confirmation bias.

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I like the idea. It’s already been implemented into the subscription crate, I don’t think it would be terribly hard to implement it into campaign.

I agree with your statement. Sometimes I’ll pull the item I need ever other run through of a certain level. Naturally that is a much less likely scenario than to run it 15 times only getting 2 of my 6-14 needed platinum items.

Yes this is exactly what I’ve talked about in the past. Over the course of many attempts the average number of items you get evens out. Also, I think some people forget how much better the current crafting system is compared to the old one. With most items now requiring almost 75% less items then they used to with only a slightly lower chance of dropping. The fact you can still get upwards of 3 platinum items in a 10x quick win is insanely better now that you only need 14 to craft instead of 40.
Even getting 1 items translates to getting 3 or 4 in the old system.

@WalleWu @Papa_Marsh @Gambit @Benched

It’s called the Law of Large Numbers

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