Probability rate for objects or resources (or as you want to tell them)

since the update came, the heroes now ask for less recourse as in this image (1)

but I as a user need to know how much is the probability rate that I get the objects in each mission of the campaign. (I do not know if the percentages are the same as in all the missions) (Image 2)

because in each mission that I play with quick wins tickets, + mission that charges X energy, each of 10 fast games I get 1 item that needs my heroes to improve.

today I was lucky that I got the necessary




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What function do you speak?

Search function, for searching if there is an already excisting thread regadring this topic.

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Great experience of this game!

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I tried 10 quick win for plat pistol frag, then I got nothing.

I have already spend more than 500 stamina on this item, and only got 6 of it.

Though the items to be crafted for upgrading of heroes, have been lowered. That said the drop rates for items are horrendous. Burning through energies I will be lucky if ONE particular item drop just ONE time by burning through 200-300 energies…

Isn’t there supposed to be a percentage odds on drop rates for items ?

I am dazzeled how much the experiences differ. For me the droprates went down about 10-15%. SInce we only need about 1/3 of the Ittems now, I can upgrade much faster.

It’s a rip off.

HHG really taken us too the cleaners this time.


Normal campaign mission drop rates seem to have gone down by maybe 60%, give or take. With bad luck, I could go through ten missions at the old drop rate and get 0 or 1 of what I was looking for.


Hard campaign drops were always a bit more reliable, and they do not seem to have decreased since the update. I have been playing hard missions for everything I can—everything except gold stars and core frags—and my heroes are promoting pretty fast.