Random/Ban one or more heroes on draft pvp battle

On pvp match, we often see heroes that people usually use as their lineup to ‘quick’ win and most of the players will only focusing on winning instead of learning the skills of some of the unpopular heroes.

Therefore, i would like to suggest a pvp draft battle where both players can ban one or two heroes before proceeding into the pvp. This is to ensure that both players knows how to make a perfect heroes lineup without heroes they usually use.

Another one is a pvp where both players get to choose (pick) one or two heroes for their opponent to use. The rest is all on both players to pick other heroes and make the best lineup with heroes they were given.

The objective of this pvp is to let players learn about all heroes skills and how to use them plus how to counter them when its on the opponent side. Another objective of this pvp also is to see the best players who can come up with the best hero lineup with varies heroes.

Thats the main idea. I hope the developer team sees this. Happy Hunting Hunters!


Random/Ban heroes pick on battle draft should be considered since people always use the EDGE heroes.

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