Upcoming Draft Brawls and PvP Store Updates

Draft Brawls

Each one of the upcoming Draft Brawls will have a different set of picking rules.

We’d love to hear your feedback on how they feel!

11th October Brawl: 3:2 Rules
19th October Brawl: 2:2:1 Rules

PvP Store Updates

We wanted to give the community advance notice on a PvP Store change coming In the next update.

  • We will be removing Matador Matador and replacing him with Steele Steele.

Omg why matador I almost have him at 10stars but I will never get him at 10stars before next update
Will he come back at hard missions or is he just gone and we cant get his fragments after the update

Nice change of hero from the store

What is this…terrible power I sense in this comment… Is this… The power of irony???

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Nope, I like Steele, Oof

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@Howitzer - As long as PvP remains as unbalanced as it is, then draft makes zero difference. By releasing draft in the current state of the game, you have unwittingly highlighted your biggest flaw in the entire game.

90-95% of teams (That’s being conservative and is not an exaggeration) use Panzer+Nightingale+Heimlock+Mandrake+[Caine/Keel/Dogface]. You can make the draft 1-1-1-1-1, 5-0, 4-1, 2-1-2, or whatever. It won’t make a difference when the game is not balanced.

You cannot release draft, pretending like the current state of PvP isn’t going down in flames and then pat yourselves on the back for a new exciting experience. All it’s done is expose how bad the balance in the game really is.

Draft modes in games are awesome because you can counter meta teams easily and it’s exciting to dynamically plan your team based on your opponent’s picks. This does not work without SOME semblance of balance.



On another note - credit where it’s due for announcing the PvP store frag change. A notice ahead of time is a welcome surprise.

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And for when will they be changing or updating the pvp store?

When they are ready to change it

If its pvp, Then that would be a while :confused:

We will be updating the PvP Store in the next update :slight_smile:


I finished top 90 in the previous draft brawl, and literally every team I was facing crawling up from the 200th place was composed of Panzer, Nightingale, Heimlock, Mandrake, and either Caine or Keel. At that point, winning was based on how lucky your team AI is on focusing down a single enemy target.

Maybe add a hero ban component to the draft?


Well wait until the next month is not bad, at least buy more pieces of killer … and many people are right about the pvp, even if the draft changes, they always have the same goal 4 healers and 1 dps, they should at least , add that at the beginning of each game, both players can eliminate 1 or 2 heroes, so that there is more variety.
Sorry for my English I’m from Latin America.

Yup, I didn’t care what my opponent picked in the last Brawl with a draft implemented. It had literally no impact on my picks and just let me know if I was going to have a hard match (vs Panzer, Night, Mandrake, Ifrit. Caine, Heimlock, or Dogface) or an easy one (vs any other hero).

For a draft system to matter at all you need at least 20 or so heroes thata re all viable. when you only have 7 or 8, it doesn’t leave much room to pick and choose.

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What will be the next hero that will be removed after matador
So I dont waste another ton of pvp gems in a hero that I cant get 10 stars before you guys removed him/her

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Papa is right… Panzer has ruined PvP, just nerf her already.

Still 95% of Energy heroes and most heroes circa 300k hp are USELESS IN PVP, because of this overpowered Hero.

The draft doesn’t change anything, she is Meta because she’s godly.

She beats Odachi … The highest DPS Bio we have. Does that not say it all??

Draft mode is currently pointless and boring, no gems, or crates either. It’s simply score get ranked on the leaderboard then switch to free play.


Why don’t we just get all DPS heroes nerfed so no one can kill anyone, then we can run around and heal/shield/revive for 3 min every time… The great thing is that no one will ever loose and get angry that they get beat… :crazy_face:

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Just bump the health up on some hero’s, some dps hero’s need a little health boost.

But pvp feels better, just some unlucky disconnects but I enjoy the fights more and more

There’s really only two possibilities that will make the draft mode work as intended.

  1. Completely rework, balance the assassins and mid line attackers as intended. Unfortunately, this is a daunting process, will come with obvious controversy, complications and more than anything not address the immediate needs for a more balanced pvp experience. And before you yell at me, yeah, I’m not even going to touch on Min/maxing.

  2. This is by far the easiest solution. Allow us to ban 1 or 2 hero’s from our opponents loadout. This idea isn’t anything new, it’s been mentioned countless times all throughout these threads. It’s discerning, baffling- just purely asinine that we haven’t heard from the Devs why this cannot be done.

Banning 1 or preferably 2 picks from our opponents immediately addresses the ENTIRE issue of balance and meta teams.

Clearly we can’t just remove Panzer from the game lol- that’s blasphemy. Don’t believe nerfing viable dps hero’s or nerfing Knight & Ifrit or Caine is right either.

But in a draft pvp experience where we can eliminate picks- we will essentially create a new and more balanced experienced. We would be playing this mode with the intended diversity. Obviously, we would be idiots not to eliminate Panzer first. We all would. If we were allowed a 2nd ban- it gets trickier but I’d almost always have to go Knight. Essentially we all would be playing these pvp drafts without Panzer or Knight. I wouldn’t go as far to say it solves the problem but it would most definitely go along way to help for a different experience.

Would pvp matches be longer? I dunno. Meh they are already too long if you ask me anyways, so what’s another minute? Conversely, some could argue they might be shorter. Since I can imagine there will be a huge learning curve for a large group that’s grown accustom to just sitting on panzer or knight all match long.

Essentially eliminating the most controversial hero’s in the game during this pvp draft event should at the very least MASK the diversity issue. I say mask, simply because this a band-aide mode while we continue to wait months for the cure to the pvp plague… erm… min/maxing too.

So I ask again, why can’t we have an option to ban hero’s?


maybe because not every hero is accessible to everyone due to grinding system right now
you against 1 new player that want to get good and have only one DPS and you banning that DPS is very disheartening

while i very much agree that is the easiest solution and very much welcome it.
maybe the devs can work around that option in the near future