Draft pvp thoughts

Done the 5 missions needed to get a reward and for me thats about all will do. Nothing much has changed as find players still pick same heros as they would in normal pvp.
Maybe it be better if you picked one then got random, pick one get random etc. Or pick first 3 or have to pick one front middle back etc atm just takes to long to get in battle and find same heros chosen for me. So fails to deliver on the try new hero combos.

Maybe have a pool of 10 15 heros that the game selected from so forced you to think about what heros to select as they needed to work well with eachother regardless of selection etc.

Just failed to deliver the wanted shake up


Might be cool to add 1 ban each? Not to overdue it, but just force some different heroes out.

Agree the idea behind the draft was to explore new combos and on this it fails. Like the same rank so so on the unlimited lives.
A ban list would force players away from the normal dogface nightingale panzer etc combos

I kinda like playing with and against Gold heroes only.

Yeah that is a great addition to the pvp, maybe in different drafts the skill levels could be changed using all different skls from Green to platium.

I’m seeing something completely different than you guys, as I’ve seen SO many new comps in my PvP matches… I only see a Dogface or a panzer every 3rd or 4th match, and even Nightingale is only in the matches I play less than 1/2 the time. For me this has actually made PvP fun again.

thats odd I’ve been doing great I’m able to predict my opponent and counter so beutifully it’s fun

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I don’t see how this is a draft. When you select a player it should be off the board for the other person as well. And make all heroes available. I think it would be fun if it was done real draft style.

I’m in the top 100 and noticing the same meta with slight variants. Panzer and Nightingale are in almost every team, with Mandrake, Flatline, and Caine being in quite a few, and some having Dog. Ifrit isn’t around near as much since arguable his best skill, his revive, is not available at gold.

yea, this is what I’ve been seeing too… I have a “go to” set of heroes, but I am able to pivot my later picks to counter what I’m seeing the opponent building.

I think its a cool mode to try some teams out too. Some of these heroes I have well past gold and never got to see how they work together at that rank.

I dont like that they are making pvp slower, we lose more than a minute drafting plus if someone forfeit you get nothing and you lost a minute for nothing.
If it was quicker it would be totally fine for me, but i wish if they just make it as one type of pvp event and leave free play available.
But maybe since its slower give us double the amount of pvp gems we would get and everything would be fine

Free play is still available, this is also on a one day brawl and they are primarily testing to see how this could possible work in the future.

The PVP gem reward seems to be a lot higher than usual, so there is that. It’s also only a day long event.

Currently at #1 and I’m the first to hit 1800.

Every top team is essentially the same team I’ve been PVP’ing with for 3 months.

Panzer/Mandrake/Heimlock/Nightingale and Caine/Keel/Dogface. As much as I’d like to brag about my 1337 skillz, I only get matched with other Top 5 players and the match is 90% determined by RNG like “Does Nightingale/Mandrake land an RNG stun on the person who got marked?” or “Does Keel’s heal come up before or after Panzer has used clean sweep?”

It’s terribly slow, boring, and unrewarding. Hopefully this will be a wakeup call for HHG to finally address this stale metagame. Drafting has 0 purpose if there’s a team so strong that it doesn’t have any counter.

Player 1: picks Panzer
Player 2: picks Heimlock
Player 1: Ah but will your Heimlock be able to handle my Nightingale!?
Player:2: Ah but will your Panzer be able handle my Mandrake!?
Player 1: Ah but will your Mandrake be able to handle my Heimlock!?
Player 2: Ah but will your Nightingale be able to handle my Panzer!?
Player 1: Ah but will your Panzer be able to handle my Mandrake!?
Player 2: Ah but will your Heimlock be able to handle my Nightingale!?
Player 1: Ah but will your Nightingale be able to handle my Caine!?
Player 2: Ah but will your Panzer be able to handle my Caine!?
Draft ends

I played 30+ matches before I realized I wasn’t getting PvP gems roflmao. I think it’s such a waste of time to grind for so much, especially matches now have become so bleeeeh that (1) team comps are just a mix and match of Panzer, Nightingale, Heimlock, Dog, Caine, and some random healers; and (2) matches have been much longer since the Role Warfare update, and they just made it longer with the drafting phase.

I mean, really, what’s the point of that? Everybody picks the same team every time, and because all heroes are gold 1 at 6 stars, matches are usually decided by how lucky you get with your team AI focusing on a single enemy.

But idk, I have seen maybe 2-3 interesting comps.

l like that i can learn a lot of team comp either me or enemy, even tho majority of what i faced so far is still the same god/panzer + 4 babysitter

i just found out that on the same lv and rank hardscope can kill gale/flat very quickly
that’s is what i like about, a game that i could experiment without losing lives

what i dont like is, they get rids of heroes priority order which us vital for me. simple case when i counterpicks against my enemy, it turns out i have 3 rearline hero and hero what i need to survive the most moved to midline even tho i want it to be in rearline. after doing 3-4 match like this i stopped counter picking and do what i likes

Draft PVP… more like Default PVP. Same heros again and again(4+1). then whats the use of drafting?
Also there should be a picks and bans. (like dota2,LOL)
How abt if a hero is picked , same hero shouldnt be available to the opponent to pick?? (i know it hurts but thats the puropse).
Finally the rewards aint great, and u give us (unlimited lives,no pvp gems) then why cant u unlock all the heros even if a player doesnt owns it. i mean only then it ll be refered as draft battle. (lets say i have 30 heros and opponent has 60 heros its more of an advantage to him to counter me).
anyone has different thoughts??

Bans would be nice but it would slow down the pre-game even more. DoTA games can last for 30+ minutes so its ok to spend a couple minutes pre-game. Denying picks would just lead to a huge advantage to whoever goes first.

I’d rather HHG just get it together and do something about this stale metagame that we’ve had for so long. Then maybe we can have a Draft Brawl with a draft/ban system and better rewards and a to justify the extra-long wait before games.

the whole denying pick thought is about ppl should be forced to pick heros out of the currently used heros and try different combos. atleast in here where no lives are lost and low rewards ppl can finally try something new without losing anything much