[Suggestion] A Hero Ban System for PvP

Not sure if a suggestion like this has been brought up before, but I thought this may be a way to balance PvP in terms of heroes being used. Right now the hot topic seems to be Panzer and whether or not she is overpowered. It’s tough to make these judgement calls with such a new hero because everyone is still learning her mechanics and counters.

Many other games that use a hero team building system have some sort of ban system in place. Before playing you can select a certain amount of heros that you do not want to play against. This would allow players that have troubles dealing with certain heroes to “ban” them before they queue up for PvP to ensure they don’t have to face them.

How I think it would work is on the PvP selection screen, you can first select 2(?) heroes that you want banned. Once these heroes are banned, you can not be matched up against anyone running a team with the heroes you have selected. Maybe whoever you ban you can not include in your own team as well.

For example, when battling in gold I have found it to be a disadvantage to not run a team with a gold mandrake. If I banned mandrake before queuing up for PvP I could run a team comp without Mandrake and I would not have to feel at a disadvantage since my opponent would not have him either.

Anyways this is just a thought. Let me know what you all think.


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I like this idea however you have to add in a currency for the ban heroes like 100 gold to reset or a limit of three on how much or how long someone can be banned because what could happen is that, everyone including the vets will have the upper-hand in winning every match because it’s easier and then of course no need to compete in PVP anymore because then it’ll be super easy and boring than what it already is.

naw i dont think its feasible, you can just add any counter to your heroes ban screen and then go crazy with your OP comp… banning dogface, panzer and mandrake… thats it… your never gonna lose.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Each hero has a strength/weakness. banning certain characters because they seem OP is rather dumb. Panzers greatest weakness is her reload. Use that time to destroy her while she cant get several shots. most likely she will get one and run for cover. I suggest using someone like Odachi to slow her movement and take her down.

Lets not turn this into another “panzer is/isn’t op” thread :slight_smile:

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Hahaha I don’t mean to make this into a discussion of which hero’s are op and which aren’t. It’s more so an idea to promote more diverse team compositions in PvP.

True, but i feel like there will be a certain combination which will be abused to probably force them to only fight AI bots instead of players.

Nice idea, it would also be nice if they changed that each hero can only have 1 pvp life instead of 3/4

I don´t like this idea. If you, for example take out the Bio damage dealers (Maven, Odachi, Salvatore) and go in with a Mech damage dealer Team, you will have easy wins.

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this idea is nice but what bout the way u ban the heroes?what if u can follow how they ban heroes like in Dota 2? that would up the game .

Ridiculous idea why don’t the devs just give you five PvP tokens per day lmfao

Why not just make it a complete ban I play another game that has restricted hero’s for certain events ex. Ban Panzer for the next tournament nobody can use her everybody adapts. Next one maybe ban mandrake etc the brawls already have hero restrictions. Tourneys can do the same. Everyday PvP isn’t a big deal imo cause I personally don’t even play it.

I don’t know if this would be a good idea but I am tired of seeing Panzer on PvP teams. Overall though, I am still trying to figure out how to consistently win these matches. The PvP events are becoming more and more challenging and less interesting.


There are actually a few PvP events with banned heroes.

There is one where you can only use heroes of a certain element, and another where you can only use heroes of 2 factions.

I mentioned that when I spoke of brawls in my post. I’m suggesting a similar thing with the 3 day tournaments, but not as extreme or as colorful as brawls.

PVP is perfect there’s no need for balancing your only complaints because you’re losing adapt and change

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