Is this a viable team comp

so i have a team comp and I need help. i was thinking a
-Kobold(I will pilot her) gold
-Caine gold
-butter gold
-matador gold
-gammond gold
I am level 44 and i need to know if this will work good plz help me sub in heroes if neccesary i would like to make a comp tha will win a lot now in the future this will give off constant heals and shields. I dont know if i should replace someone for halo or heckler looking for ideas plz reply any comments are welcome

I think you’ll need a dps hero & a reviver…Why you’re using 3 shielders ?

well they provide great heals what if i replaced gammond for heckler or halo

or a saphyr would that work for damage and healblock

You can replace butter with Flatline & replace gammond with dogface or Heckler (Halo is good only on platinum )…Matador is enough for healing

im close to getting flatline do you think i can keep the butter and get flatline or instead of butter keep gammond and get flatline either or
i would get her to gold in a matter of four hours

Yeah…you can keep butter with flatline but you’ll need to remove Caine
My team is : Dogface, Matador, Mandrake, Butter & Flatline

why is that he is so good i could have 3 kobold who can heal with silver caine who can sheild and heal butter who has shield and some heal matador who can heal and flatline who could decimate with taser and resurection

my comp is meant to all support each other like an assembly line or machine to be good as one with all of them having a good damage

Maybe it will work…try it, shielders & Healers usually have low damage

what about
kobold gold
caine gold
butter gold
matador gold
heckler gold very powerful healing and shielding with decent damage especially from heckler my most powerful hero at 6 starts and 3108 power level at all heroes level 44

as i dont need a powerful damage if i can kill overtime i dont have to kill the other team in seconds i just need to last longer and long enough to kill them heckler is so powerful

I think this will work…Nice team for Level 44 player

thank you i am tring to have a well rounded team heckler has like 110k health like 30k less from my tanks very high damage and health thank you for the help

My pleasure…Always available in the game to help ( same name like here)

thx ill friend we can chat and give tips whatever you like i just wanna stay fluent and level up my best and most viable picks

You are lacking some damage so you might end up getting draws a lot. also youll more than likely not be maxing out the per-kill pvp gems as the mission timer might end too soon.

Maybe pilot to gammond and farm headshots or replace gammond with like a dogface or something.

thx man look at my convo for more info and tell me what you think

I would choose Dogface over Heckler. Heckler has high sustained damage but he cant burn through people before shields and healing start kicking in.

A super shield heavy team is vulnerable to getting bursted, so someone like heckler - whose kinda squishy (compared to dogface) is at an extreme risk of dying before any of your own shields and heals can help him.

Thats why so many would say you should run a reviver (flatline) so that your damage dealer isnt focused first. Cuz you just need to waste about 10 seconds - once you have shields flying around no one is gonna die, if you get a bucket in that mix itll get even harder to kill people through all the shields from all the healing.

That said, you dont need to run a reviver but if you only have 1 damage dealer you are playing very risky. A mandrake can also be super clutch for keeping a guy from getting focused, but flatlines gold and reviving is critical in keeping your important damage dealer alive.