Razordome Love Crate

The Love crate says it gives 100 frags but only gives 10.
I recommend you don’t spend the tokens until it is confirmed fixed :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification. 100 frags seemed a bit high.

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You beat me too it! :wink:

Dang, would’ve loved 100 frags. Thanks for being our sacrificial pawn lol.

You can thank CHR15 for that bit of info on Discord, he stopped me from spending my tokens. Skathi also just confirmed it is meant to be 10 frags not 100 in the crate

Yep, it’s a display issue. The crate should be giving out 10 frags. We’re working to correct error right now, thanks for the reports and tickets everyone.


Whhaaaaatt really?!? Aw man I wish we got 100 frags. Although it did a bit off to me
since only 10 razorback frags were available

Thanks for the compensation tokens! It wasn’t a gamebreaking bug, so the gesture is all the more appreciated!! :blush::+1:


Change it back!! Lol

im a few hours late but thanks for the compensation tokens! it was a bit off when i saw that all other frags were giving 100 and razorback frags were 10.

Change razorback to 100 at least. Lol