Re-downloading after each update

Why is it that after each update we have to re-download various things like gauntlet, co-op raids such as gorgon etc. Its an update so it shouldnt require us to do that each time as there are no changes in those.

Anyone else also face this issue?

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It’s happens to me after every update. Don’t know why it happens.

dev team should look into this as its annoying each time we have to re-download pretty much all the modes again

You have to redownload things when assets change, for example the GW raid the end wave mech is now the element mech (red) which is a new asset. The same can be said for gauntlet which needs to download any new heroes put in the game along with new balances they have made, lots happen behind the scenes that may change or edit the assets to certain aspects in the game, this may cause it to redownload


Making it simple… Sometimes, some updates give you some minor/big changes in some/all modes… So that, sooner players can understand that updates are really making the game more interesting after each updates, have some great time.

I only have to download bounty, but i can get how this can be annoying but it isn’t that big of an issue right? Unless your on cellular data

thanks guys for all the explanations… never really thot of it that way… i just assumed all the previously downloaded files get wiped after each update

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Turning on background downloads should help. You can find it in Options, and it’ll only download with Wi-Fi.

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