Ready-made pieces disappeared anyone else with the same problem?

I have a problem in my account I had all the pieces to put the ruby ​​fiber five and it just disappeared my pieces, leaving only the ruby ​​core until my Ruby Savage that I won in the hunt also disappeared I sent a message on the support and I was not answered and it was not only I and other members of the alliance also had the same problem

If you contacted support, you gotta wait for them to reply to you. It won’t be instant if they have a list of tickets going on. Just be patient

it’s easy to ask for patience when it wasn’t yours right when you didn’t spend time and gold to have the pieces and the amount that I had that’s gone is easy….

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Unless the requirements changed or you applied them to a different Hero, it might’ve been a bug. Definitely worth contacting support

I entered bro I didn’t apply it impossible to know yesterday I already had all but one would complete today which is the ruby ​​glove when I entered this morning it was like this and it’s not a bug if I wouldn’t have returned the pieces he has to know the history I can’t lie or roll up to get the pieces

my last ruby ​​5 was the Krieguer that I did in the first hunt of the commander that last one was going to do it until my ruby ​​savage disappeared

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