Is anyone having issues with heronium store

Okay so this is the second time this week the store has changed the item i was buying… Two timea thia week my 2 gear items showed platinum cybernetic hand fragments. I bought the 2 @ 2500 heronium right away when i switched to buy the cheaper ones it changed my items all together. Also i received 0 hands and got unwanted items


Yes that is a common glitch. Support will tell you to close the app to force the store to reset before purchasing items.

Maybe @tollboothkyle can help you with this problem. As he have faced this problem multiple times and reported it as well…

glad i am safe from this issue for now… :sweat_smile:


Nothing new. They just tell you to close the game and reopen it. There’s no intention of fixing it

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They just tell us reopen the game before purchasing, or reinstall the game before purchasing, or reset the phone then reinstall the game before purchasing, or buy a new phone then install the game again before purchasing.

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As others have said, if you’re buying something especially important, always hard reset your app before buying it, just to make sure you’re getting what you pay for.

I guess its just a to good to be true moment oh well thanks guys lets see if i get double hands again ill ss it

That doesn’t always work. Done it before and it STILL does it