Ruby core mkvi fragments



You aren’t doing an update until its ready, cool.

You aren’t running any events, meh…

We can’t get ruby core mkvi or fragments anywhere but events rewards… Please toss us a bone with some. People are still playing this game and are stuck unable to advance without these parts.


There’s a lot of items i can suddenly not build. Would definitely love to have the available. But from what i know they can’t change these things between updates. Let’s hope they see this!

From what I know, maybe you missed them, they’ve sent out freebies when there were event issues before. The one thing I’ve liked about DECA so far. HHG was very stingy. Plenty of other games do the same thing when they mess up.

@Robert_Pronk feel free to list others that are event rewards only. That’s the only one i child think of bc alliance members were complaining. I still have a couple but am not using them bc they are finite atm.

That’s not the only one Ruby mk3,4 &5 frags are unavailable as well no Event=No source of getting it

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