Rear line crate and it doesn't include kurtz frags! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Kurtz is available on other crates and why this crate does contain his frags?
This crate is specifically for rear line heroes.

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The Crate says it contains Rear Line Heroes. It doesn’t say it contains EVERY Rear Line Hero. Gilded Crate Heroes aren’t included either. Some Heroes are reserved for certain Crates.

Just like how the frontline crate doesn’t have shivs.

In compensation it has every other lines.
I’ve never found 10 rearline heroes in a row, theres always Steele or Yanlong that ruin the streak.

For those who don’t believe me

I know I’m not going to unlock Kurtz from any crate, so my best bet is to unlock him by collecting all of his frags.

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